As a business owner, you understand the importance of online marketing and providing your customers with the information they are seeking in the quickest and timeliest way. To this end, you have a website, and a number of social media services. 

The question is.......

How do you keep all of these services current, providing your customers with updated information about your business and its activities?

You could take the time to update all services yourself (time-consuming)


You could could delegate social media and web site updates to a staff member, (potentially costly, takes staff member away from other duties)


You could could use an automated service to update all social media, (costly, requiring monthly subscription fees, these services DO NOT include updating your website)


You could choose CyberSlang/Bigeye's Social Media Streaming Services, providing your customers with up-to-date information about you, your promotions, and your day-to-day news.


Stream your Facebook Feed

Facebook Feed & Gallery

  • Add Facebook Page content to YOUR website! 
  • Your feeds, photo galleries and videos galleries  are updated automatically when you will add new items into your Facebook page.
  • Responsive layout for any device
  • Supports all main types of Facebook content – posts, photos, videos
Stream Your Facebook Reviews

Facebook Recommendations

  • Add Facebook Page Reviews to YOUR website! 
  •   Attract reviews with call-to-action and redirect to Facebook. With one-click access to your Facebook page and compelling call-to-action button, you can collect more customer reviews.
  • Streaming your Facebook Page Reviews increases your credibility.
  • It also shows the total number of people who recommended your page with their pictures, and these elements are clickable and redirect user to your Facebook page. Full transparency, builds customer trust.
Stream your Facebook Group to Your Website

Group Wall/Feed/Gallery

  • Posts, photos and videos that you publish onto your Facebook Group will be automatically displayed on your website.
  •   You can display all 3 main types of content on your website: posts, photos and videos.
  • Responsive layout for any device
Stream your Twitter Feed to your website

Twitter Feed & Gallery

  • Twitter Feed Pro is a simple way to add Twitter content to Joomla your website. Tweets that you publish on your Twitter account or tweets with certain hashtags are automatically displayed on your website. 
  • Responsive layout for any device.
  •   Supports all main types of Twitter content – text, photos, videos.
Stream Your Instagram Gallery to your website

Instagram Feed/Gallery

  • inGallery allows you to display any Instagram media on you website in a highly customizable galleries.
  • Responsive layout for any device.
  •   Organize your gallery media content into albums which will help you to better introduce your Instagram content to your website visitors.
  •   Show content from another Instagram user,  hashtag, or even a photo URL. 
Stream your YouTube Channel to Your Website

YouTube Video Gallery

  • YouTubeR – allows you to upload videos on YouTube to your website. 
  • Responsive layout for any device.

FaceBook Feed Streaming Demo

Facebook Posts, Photos and Videos automatically appear on your website as soon as they are posted on Facebook. (click on links below to toggle views)

FaceBook Messenger Live Chat Support

An easy way to support and keep contact with your customers

  • Support your customers via Facebook Live Chat directly on your website. 
  • Customer can contact owner store through Facebook account.
  • Customer can Save Chat history on Facebook account. 
  • Allows customers to directly Like your Facebook Page on your website. 
  • Chat with customer from your Facebook account on your computer, tablet or mobile on anywhere. 
  • Unlimited Chat History: Facebook will save chat history on your Facebook account and customer’s Facebook, you can review anytime. 
  • Allows multiple chats at the same time.
  • Can be placed in strategic locations on your website.
  • No extra administration
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • No additional software to install 

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Give Customers Instant Access Via Telephone

  • Offer your customers an alternative to "Live Chat" online support.
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • Can be placed in strategic locations on your website.
  • No extra administration

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