CyberSlang ConsultingWe design our websites to:

Reflect the personality, focus, and vision of the client company. Present information clearly, concisely, & logically. Provide visitor-friendly ease of navigation. Respect bandwidth & load quickly. Be maximized for Search Engine optimization. Be non-programmer reliant. Be cross-browser compliant.


Internet Marketing Needs a Plan

Successful Internet marketing requires time, effort, and careful planning. Often companies begin their online endeavours without a pre-defined game plan resulting in minimal online marketing success.
CyberSlang staff are not only qualified in the areas of design, programming, and technical issues - we have a strong background in business administration and marketing. We believe this separates us from many other Internet design firms.
We are able to develop Intelligent Internet Marketing strategies through the marriage of design, business savvy, and sound marketing principles.

It's All About the Visitor

Internet surfers value their time and want to:

  1. Feel welcome on a site.
  2. Find information quickly and efficiently.
  3. Be presented with simple, intuitive navigation options.
  4. View fast-loading, well-presented layout.
  5. Feel secure in their online purchases.

Our design staff always takes the above criteria into consideration when developing design concepts for our clients. We believe the Visitor should always be the main consideration.


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